Friday, August 10, 2012

Anthropomorphizing the Chameleon

A mesh bag of daffodil bulbs
            failed to meet their destiny
                        last October--no blooms

in March--but nature is resourceful.
            Waiting patiently
                        on my covered patio,

they've become the answer
            to one chameleon's heart
                        desire. He's obsessed

with what he can't quite reach.
            Crawling over the porous
                        bag, his color shifting

from green to brown, he can't quite
            leave them alone. What's he doing?
                        Making a tiny supper

from their bulk, sharing his love
            for his world, my yard?
                        Or is he crowing

in chamo-speak that he is free
            and they are not. He is exactly
                        what he was born to be.

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