Friday, November 23, 2012


When the trap snaps
and the pain shoots upward
through the leg,
does the brain react
with regret or despair?

Do the toes retrace the steps
with a fancy move that postpones
danger?  Does the mind's eye see
what preoccupation missed?

When does the axis pivot
from Calvin to Arminius,
acceptance to resolve?
When does the mouth begin
to chew its way through
to the bone of freedom?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkeys on Parade

Thanksgiving is all about eating.
Turkeys bronzed in butter.
green beans cozied in cream.
sweet potatoes burnished
with brown sugar, pecans
pressed into service. And don't
forget the pumpkin pies
punctuated with dollops
of whipped topping squirted
from a chilled can, It's as though
the replication of plenty
somehow translates
into gratitude, blessing
is measured in heaping bowls.