Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Giving a Fig

Wake up, Eve,
it's the day to name the trees.
Let's start with sycamore.

Why, Adam? Why call
it sycamore? Looks like the tree
of life to me.

No, that's a silly name for a tree.
Look how tall it is? It wants
a majestic name.

But look at the fruit,
those luscious figs--I can't
wait to eat.

Eve, you never see the beauty,
those heart-shaped leaves,
the variations of green. . .

Adam, you don't have a practical bone
in your body. Always mooning
over shapes and designs. . .

Well, it's my responsibility
and I'm calling it
a sycamore.

Let's not argue.
Here, I've pealed a fig.
Let's eat.

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