Friday, August 5, 2011

The Voiceprint of the Seer

Huldah. Huldah, the king’s trusted seer,
a mother-figure beyond any doubt.
You spoke with an authoritative sound
and set the pattern that men would follow.
You recognized a sacred source for what
it was and had no fear in giving voice

to its mandate, its insistent voiceprint
on your mind.  When Josiah needed a seer,
you were happy to provide the  king what
he needed.  You knew he would have no doubt,
would recognize the one  that you follow,
would heed  the message of God you sounded.

You had watched him grow, heard the kingly sounds
of the man in the little boy’s voice.
Your life was being shaped to follow
the one who called you out, made you seer
of things others missed. Your vision enlarged, doubt
diminished, so that you knew what

dangers lurked in Israel’s future, what
idolatry would spawn, and the sound
of God’s anger at those who doubted
the power, the violence  in his voice.
Prophetess to the women,  a seer
they would recognize and own, follow

as loyally as the men followed
Jeremiah, his sense of what
was right and just.  And you, female seer,
did you ever question God’s certain sound?
Did you immediately know his voice?
Did you ever feel a slight hint of doubt?

For us, you ease every fear,  every doubt
we have when we hesitate to follow
the muttering within that demands a voice.
We look at you and we wonder at what
we might say, what new message we might sound
to those who wait the insight of a seer.

The  voices of reason are needed  when doubted
certainty reigns, and seers falsely follow
whatever treacherous tenor resounds.

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